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BUY 100% UNDETECTABLE COUNTERFEIT MONEY. COUNTERFEIT MONEY FOR SALE. We supply perfectly reproduced real money with holograms and all security features available. Indistinguishable to the eye and to touch. SHIPPING OR DELIVERY TO ANY LOCATION OR POSTAL ADDRESS, delivery is %100 discreet.

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-All security fermetures available
-Why would you buy from us?
Our banknotes contain the following security features that make
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Security features of our bank notes below :
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Security thread
See-through register
Special foil/special foil elements
Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.

EUR – Euro
USD – US Dollar
GBP – British Pound
INR – Indian Rupee
AUD – Australian Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar
AED – Emirati Dirham
ZAR – Rand
CHF Swiss Franc

CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi
MYR – Malaysian Ringgit
THB – Thai Baht
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
SAR – Saudi Arabian Riyal
QAR – Qatari Riyal
and many other currencies.



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  1. Micah Luca

    last order 516
    Excellent customer service, communications and products. Highly recommended.

  2. Austin Cooper

    First order
    First order, arrived quickly and discreetly and excellent product!

    Will order again when the time comes without a doubt

  3. Jameson Everett

    Update for my order
    Thanks again for a great order Guru never fails to impress me.
    Please don’t listen to the bad reviews this company is legit.

  4. Louis Moore

    Best fake bills suppliers in the US, got my stacks and have been living large since then. thanks a lot will be coming back for more definitely. GURU you’re the best …………

  5. Wyatt Jayden

    Fast efficient service and they keep you well informed of the progression of your order.
    Even when I had a minor problem with an order, they were so quick to rectify this.
    Best customer service I have ever known from any company.

  6. Joshua Ryan

    Excellent long term service.
    I have been purchasing from this company for years. They are very contactable if you have the slightest query. Their staff are extremely polite on the phone and I would highly recommend them.

  7. Alexander Jacob

    After having an issue with a delivery my complaint was dealt with very well and a replacement product was sent very quickly . I will continue to use this company . Very good

  8. Carlos Kennedy

    Quick postage and good quality

  9. Hezekiah Sydney

    Excellent end to end process. Email updates and delivered within a few days, even reminded me when I missed the delivery and they were good enough to call the courier to reschedule. Can’t fault the service

  10. Sergio Marshall

    Great service
    I have found GURU to be very reliable and discrete.
    Orders arrive promptly and the team are always happy to help with any queries.

    Order no 635

  11. Jerry Mansfield

    Very good service. I have placed several orders and always received it in about one week.
    Various payment methods, products are satisfactory and the staff polite. Recommended

  12. Noah Elijah

    very happy with the process and results too for ORDER NUMBER 2674 . I recommend to everyone

  13. Eddie Johnson

    Was skeptical paying via Bitcoin
    Just happy my order showed up after 3 days.
    Thanks Guru

  14. Jay Morley

    fantastic company highly recommend
    Fantastic friendly staff always had no issues receiving my goods would highly recommend and have made many purchases and have reviewed every one of them. This is a trustworthy site and you can buy with confidence. Keep up the great work and bills are great and have helped me financially a lot.

  15. Jessica Loope

    To think a big company like this does not accept money gram and western union payments?
    Does not accept credit card payments as well.
    really frustrating.
    Half star….

  16. Jacob Michael

    Honestly .

    You can never go wrong with GURU as they deliver super fast and the customer service is always responsive.

    Excellent service, always receive my orders within a few days.

  17. Brandy Leavitt

    Highly recommend
    Ordered numerous times now, never any issues whatsoever. I usually order on a Monday to receive on Friday. Not bad for free delivery. I’ve emailed customer services many times just to check my order has been posted and they always respond promptly and are very friendly and helpful – excellent customer service really makes the difference.
    GURU is Highly recommend.

  18. McPherson J.

    My delivery took 6 days to get here instead of the 48 hrs they promised.
    Why was mine any different?
    Really poor

  19. Imran Alexzander

    fantastic dealer highly recommend
    Fantastic friendly staff always had no issues receiving my goods would highly recommend and have made many purchases and have reviewed every one of them

  20. Ryan Thomas

    Very good service, it usually runs very well, I have never had a problem with them, only if a card service comes back saying lack of funds, so I will use another method of payment, recommended.

  21. Gage Nicko

    Excellent! Great customer service, very quick delivery (2-3 working days) and most importantly a great product!! Worked really well with the ATM and Filling station. I would recommend GURU any day and will be back.

    Order number: 281

  22. Adam Walker


  23. Brayden Santiago

    Very helpful
    Paying with Bitcoin was easy and fast, enjoyed an extra %10 discount off as well.
    Product arrived exactly when I was told it would do,
    buy with confidence. I will certainly buy from again GURU.

  24. Betrand Luksa

    This is the best online supplier Ever .
    I recommend Guru 100% .

  25. Jameson Ezekiel

    Quality products!
    Great company package arrives promptly and if I have had issues they have been resolved quickly.
    Would strongly recommend to anyone and everyone! Use GURU for your next purchase and thank me later.

  26. Declan Sawyer

    Excellent service, always receive my orders within few days.
    Used the ATM and it works like magic.

  27. Kayden Bryson

    Guru never fails, package just arrived and i’m so happy and satisfied yet again with the content.

  28. Emmett Gavin

    100% reliable, friendly staff and if you have any queries they are there for you 24hrs a day in some form of communication. If you are having any doubts using this GURU don’t, you have nothing to worry about.

  29. Vincent Ayden

    A much improved service! ” GURU NEVER FAILS ”
    I’ve been using this service for over a year now an they have improved a lot.
    The delivery is usually 4-6 days as they send second hand post but if you order well in advance you won’t be disappointed.
    The bills is sometimes sent in TOYS and GAMES but works absolutely fine as I have had three different gifts over the year and been ok with all three.

  30. Bennett Kingston

    With the number of fake sites out here, i have been in search of a reliable supplier for banknotes with top quality.
    Have been through a lot of difficult moments and financial situations and really needed a solution.
    Then i saw GURU online and was really scared to loose my money.
    But behold GURU came through for me and i’m here to testify for them and recommend them any time, any day.
    Thanks a million GURU

  31. Gabriel Anthony

    I just received the $1.000.000 package today and i have been to 6 ATMs already and it was all successful.
    I have changed almost everything and i’m already feeling like the millionaire i have been dreaming about and watching in movies.
    I love this experience and thanks so much for your services, indeed Guru is the best.

  32. Andrew Roberts

    I paid via ZELLE and it took you guys 2 days just to confirm my payment and an extra 3 days for my package to get here,
    That’s 5 days and not 2 days like you said it will take to deliver.
    Next time tell your customers exactly how it’s going to be like.

  33. Braxton Ashton

    Regular customer for nearly 2 years and cannot fault their service and products,
    Very helpful customer service.
    Reassuring, considering the number of scam companies out there.
    Thank you Guru for being so exceptional and professional.

  34. Kevin Ryker

    Fantastic service
    Fantastic service, helpful support, good prices.
    Love it ORDER 43524 – helped them out piloting a new visa payment system and got some extra for the help.
    Can’t fault

  35. Angel Rosina

    Very happy with this Guru
    Very happy with this company I have been buying from GURU for some time now and i must say im very happy with their services. I would recommend to everyone great value for money, change your life when you can with GURU.

  36. wayne R.

    Quality undetectable products, best value around.
    Very good value and service, had the desired effect. All bills went smoothly via the ATM at my work place.
    GURU is the best ever,,,,,,,,,,,

  37. Joshua Ringneck

    Faultless, from product quality, customer service to speed of delivery.
    My previous suppliers failed me then i met GURU and since then everything has been perfect.

  38. Ella Camila

    Great customer service 5 stars
    GURU SHOP has never failed me, they deliver just in time when i was so much in need of funds.
    Highly recommend site to purchase your bills and solve your problems.

  39. Curray Junior

    Thank you so much a very trustworthy and helpful site.
    Also delivers always on time I have bought plenty and will be ordering again soon.
    Your banknotes are the best i have come across.

  40. Greg Leslie

    Brilliant service ordered last Friday and received my order today.
    fast delivery considering the bank holiday.
    Costumer service got back to me within 15 mins about a query, really good overall.

  41. Njombe Gam

    I have used this company for over 2 years now
    I have been a regular buyer at GURU and their products are genuine and by passes all tests.
    My package just arrived yet again.

  42. Julie Maher

    Perfect supplier
    will be here again
    package just arrived without any hassle
    GURU just the best.

  43. Kash Donovan

    Very good supplier excellent grade AAA+ US dollar bills…
    GURU is the most trustworthy site i know and offers fast delivery
    I would not use any other supplier order number 2172

  44. William James

    I have purchased from GURU 4 times. All 4 have been perfect .
    The Banknotes are all premium Quality and just like the real shit
    I really can’t miss out on this, will be here every month for more.

  45. Colson Ginger

    Great customer service prompt response To any questions.
    Best online supplier out there!
    Have been ordering from this company for years (most recently last month order#288) and I’ve noticed a huge improvement to their delivery times.

  46. Sadie Delilah

    Amazing service kept informed of delivery answers all questions
    I had with no issues and can talk on line and get answers straight away would recommend to anyone needing to use this company and products.

  47. Justin Jonah

    Order received for the 4th time
    GURU truly never fails.

  48. Maxwell Kaiden

    GURU is second to none
    This company is second to none. They went to a lot of trouble to sort out a problem for me and I would just like to say a big thank you. Lovely people to deal with.
    Thank goodness we have a couple of decent companies to shop with knowing they will do their best to keep their customers coming back. The only way to stay in business is to have return customers. GURU all the way……….

  49. Ronnie Will

    Undoubtedly the best online order service I’ve used to date!
    From order to delivery happened very straightforwardly within merely a few days!
    Thanks a million GURU, your works are evident.

  50. Frank Harvey

    Great company ordered Monday and received after 2 days.
    Just received another order on Thursday-8th- again very quick ,great customer service and support can’t see any faults at all and this is my 7th time of ordering with them but each time I have had a prompt and professional service from them – Guru is my fab!!!!!

  51. Calvin Jonah

    Trustworthy and Reliable #Order (2734)
    Have finally found somewhere I can reliable use for ordering fake bills as and when.
    Have used different methods of payment including bitcoin or bank transfer and all methods are excellent
    If it’s not GURU, then im not buying…………

  52. Alexsis Monroe

    I have been in doubts all these while and decided to try it out as well, you guys are a true definition of amazing.
    Order received and im just coming back from the ATM nearby to swap the $100s for them $20s.
    GURU is truly Guru.

  53. Milson Moore

    4th time on a roll, Guru all the way.
    You guys have practically changed my life for good.

  54. Frederick B.

    Bought this bills and have been happy the whole week.
    make my life easier now.
    wish i had known Guru before now.

  55. Lyodd Francis

    The notes i got from my last supplier was not good at all, couldn’t use them anywhere.
    GURU has the best banknotes ever, i used them without any trace.
    Hope my Land Lord never sees this hahahahahahahaha

  56. Julia Homes

    Excellent, very pleased.
    5th Order arrived.
    Guru never fails truly.

  57. Susan McPherson

    Seeing is Believing.
    Trying is Trusting.
    I’m totally happy and satisfied GURU with your services.
    I got them notes earlier yesterday and i think i want more this time around.
    Can you do $2 million for me? how long will it take to get here?

  58. James K.

    Received the product a couple days later. Came nicely double boxed, overall well worth it.

  59. Connie T.

    Very happy with my purchase.

  60. Florrie C.

    Paid with Bitcoin and got a great discount off.
    Had my 3rd delivery arrived yesterday.
    Top quality, can be used anywhere, but best with the ATM to swap.
    You guys are just the best guru.

  61. Cecelia .H

    Package arrived. Thanks Guru.

  62. Likenju Klosin

    Writing all the way from Singapore, Guru is the best.
    Package arrived and i must confess these bills are of top quality than any i have ever seen or touched.

  63. Dennis McLouis

    Placed an order and only received package after 2 days and i paid for express delivery.
    They are slow to deliver.

  64. Nathan Styles

    I paid via bitcoin to purchase $5 million usd.
    My cousins and i have been living the best life ever since birth.
    I really don’t know how to thank you guys for making this dream life possible for someone like me.
    GURU is the best.
    GURU to the world.

  65. Charles Milord

    I think this is the best place for those who have issues buying fake bills online.
    Guru has been my supplier for years now and we have had issues just once which they rectified forthwith.
    Must definitely recommend them.
    Great man on the call side (Thomas Jason).
    Thanks a million team GURU.

  66. James O’Brian

    I truly can’t keep calm today.
    GURU has done it for me.
    I have been practically going through a lot financially.
    I placed an order yesterday and today my package got here.
    I mean, i have used all the $50k i ordered already without any notice.
    Some things are better experienced than told.

  67. Anthony .G

    I have known guru for like 3 years now and they always come through for me.
    You guys are life savers and game changers.
    Thanks Guru.

  68. Jerry Kole

    I paid for overnight shipping why did my package take 2 days to get here????

  69. Lesley Kanes

    you guys are doing an excellent job so far.
    my order is here again
    truly guru never fails.

  70. Precious Girl

    5th time and yet my package just arrived.
    Thanks guys.

  71. Ralph Aude

    These guys are great and what I’ve found to be the best value online. Very quick and efficient service! Thank you!

  72. Jason Aaron

    It’s been so good doing business with GURU.
    They offer the best banknotes to swap and use anywhere without any issues.
    All goes through the ATM without any issue.
    Thank you guys for making me a millionaire

  73. Lewis Styles

    Paying via bitcoin has always been the best and easy way out with guru.
    My package just arrived for the 7th time.
    I’m supper exited.
    GURU ……… GURU …….. GURU to the world.

  74. Harvey Jones

    Had a better experience in purchasing from GURU with home delivery option, with discount.

    Well maintained staffs.

    Appreciate the service

  75. Victor Mansfred

    Absolutely amazing service. Quick and easy to use the website. package delivered very quickly. Delivery updates every step of the way. Online aftercare support on how to carefully use the bills.

  76. Frederick Gold

    Very swift service, these days getting to see a reliable supplier is almost impossible.

  77. Theodore Patt

    Simply the best
    Really is the best online suppliers. I’ve used them for years for all my bills, if I’ve needed money for travel and shopping. They are cheaper than everywhere else and the service is great.

  78. Karen Paulk

    I want to personally thank Jason for going above and beyond today in helping me to get my package delivered to my door steps. He was so kind and I am very very grateful to him. Best service and supplier by far.

    Karen Paulk

  79. Renée Mondor

    I paid for overnight shipping why did my package arrive after 24 hours? thought you said it would be 12 hrs???.
    That’s so unprofessional if you ask me.

  80. David McGuire

    “Best banknotes plug for my friends and I. Their staff is excellent and the environment is very welcoming. Very professional and caring. Great customer service. Have been a satisfied customer for over 5 years.”

  81. Rob Smith

    Guru never disappoints truly.
    3rd order received last night.

  82. Louise Wilson

    Jason and his staffs are the best. He goes out of his way to help no matter the situation. Love the drive-thru…
    GURU all the way…..

  83. Brandon Potter

    Please Jason i want to order $5 million for my next order by month-end. Was hoping i could get %25 – %30 discount since i always pay via Bitcoin. Please get back to me soonest.


    Order received again for the 4th time.
    Who can beat Guru at this game? Definitely no one.
    You guys are the best, always coming through for me.
    5 solid good years working with you guys.
    Thank you GURU.

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